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Permanent hair removal for men


Find out in which areas of the body a treatment can be performed. Haarfreiheit in Frankfurt – your top-address for hair removal for men

Body regions for permanent hair removal for men

We are very pleased to have male customers because smooth skin is no longer exclusive to women. Many men struggle with excessive hair growth in various areas, especially on the back, chest, and neck. While chest hair can still be removed with conventional methods, removing hair from the back is much more challenging.

Are you still considering the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair? Don’t bother with daily shaving anymore and opt for light-based hair removal for men with the experts in Frankfurt. Thanks to the modern technologies available at our facility, hair removal is both effective and gentle on the skin, and it can be done on nearly all parts of the body. Here is an overview.

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hair removal for men | FACE

Are you bothered by a daily shave in places where you don’t want a beard anyway? This is where permanent hair removal* in targeted areas can be helpful.

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hair removal for men | ARMPITS

Armpit hair disturbs the well-groomed appearance in men. In addition, smooth armpits help to improve hygiene. Get rid of annoying hair under the armpits without shaving.

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hair removal for men | NECK

One of the most difficult areas to reach is the back of the neck. The solution to this is permanent hair removal*, so you never have to worry about annoying hair again.

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hair removal for men | SHOULDERS & BACK

Especially on the back and shoulders, smooth skin makes muscles stand out more. The permanent* solution is called photoepilation. With photoepilation to a permanently* smooth skin.

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hair removal for him | ARMS & HANDS

The outer appearance looks much more well-groomed with smooth hands and arms. Permanent hair removal* helps you to leave the daily shaving behind.

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Photo hairless chest man

hair removal for men | CHEST & ABDOMEN

With the help of Haarfreihei Frankfurt you can permanently* say goodbye to hair on your chest and belly.

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hair removal for men | INTIMATE AREA

A well-groomed appearance in all situations – this includes private areas of the body. We at Haarfreiheit Frankfurt are happy to help you with the permanent* removal of hair.

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hair removal for men | BUTTOCKS & GLUTEAL FOLD

The area is not only difficult to reach. Due to hygienic requirements, it is often also very unpleasant to remove hair there. With permanent hair removal* you have one less thing to worry about.

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Photo hairless lower back

hair removal for men | COCCYX

Many men struggle with a coccyx fistula and the consequences associated with it. This is where permanent hair removal* of Haarfreiheit Frankfurt helps.

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hair removal for him | LEGS & FEET

Permanent* hair removal at the legs can be considered for aesthetic reasons or for sports reasons. At Haarfreiheit Frankfurt, we are happy to help you leave your daily shaving behind.


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