Grafik ND:YAG-Laser

Laser hair removal in Frankfurt with ND:YAG-Laser

Safety and competence regarding body hair removal with laser in Frankfurt

Grafik ND:YAG-Laser
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Structure of the laser

How does the ND:YAG laser work?

Thanks to the modern technology of the laser a permanent removal* of body hair is possible. Hair removal by means of light has proven to be the most effective method of permanent hair removal. In this process, bundled light is emitted by light pulses and transmitted to the hair root. There thermal energy is released, which affects the hair root in such a way that the nutrient supply is interrupted. This leads to the fact that no further hair can be produced.

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Technical in­for­mations about the ND:YAG laser

The ND:YAG laser is a solid-state laser that emits short but highly energetic light pulses. Its fixed wavelength is 1064 nm. The abbreviation ND:YAG laser describes a neodymium-doped laser, which is equipped with an yttrium-aluminum-garnet crystal. The generated light activates neodymium atoms and emits light pulses.

Due to the modern technology of the laser, an effect occurs only on certain skin color types. Thus, a targeted treatment is performed without damaging the surrounding blood vessels or tissues. Since the preset wavelength is matched to melanin, the pigment in hair, the light can be optimally absorbed by hair and skin roots.

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How does the laser work?

The light pulses hitting the skin surface are absorbed by the melanin in the hair and transported to the hair root. There, the light energy is converted into heat. This heat destroys the nutrient supply in the hair follicle so that no further hair can form.

Special features of the YAG-laser

This technology is particularly suitable for people with darker skin types, as they often have strong, dark hair. The light pulses of the YAG laser can reach deep into the skin (approx. 5mm) and thus up to the hair roots, the dark hairs.

Hair growth and the laser

Hair goes through three phases in its life cycle: growth phase, transition phase and rest phase. Successful treatment can only take place in the growth phase because this is when there is an active connection between the hair root and the hair. Around 10 percent of all hairs are in the growth phase at any one time. For this reason, several sessions are needed to guarantee a complete and successful treatment. Generally, one should assume 8-10 sessions, but this can vary. After each session, success can already be seen.

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Treat­ment pro­cedure and in­structions

Procedure of the treatment

The body part is touched with the handpiece of the laser, during which light pulses are emitted. This may cause a slight tingling or pricking sensation, which is normal. Likewise, a slight reddening after the session is completely harmless. This subsides after 2-3 days at the latest.

solarium and uv-rays banned

What should be con­sidered before the treat­ment in Frankfurt?

Melanin is also found in the skin; therefore, it also reacts to the light impulses. The tanner the skin, the more melanin it contains. For this reason, intensive sunbathing and visits to the solarium should be avoided for about 4 weeks before the start of treatment to minimize the risk of skin irritation. In the worst case, the sensitive skin can react, and a pigment disorder is the result. As a supportive measure, you can also use sunscreen SPF 50.

Also, refrain from epilating or bleaching at least 4 weeks before starting treatment. All other hair removal methods, such as plucking, or waxing should also be refrained from. These methods remove the hair along with the hair root and this results in an ineffective treatment.

However, you should shave the body area the day before the treatment to prepare the skin in the best possible way. If you are planning a treatment in the facial region, you should also clean the skin thoroughly.

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