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PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL* compared to temporary hair removal

The term “laser hair removal“ has become widely accepted and is representative of all light technologies. This technology of permanent* hair removal is also called photoepilation. In our institutes we carry every technique of permanent* hair removal.

Grafik temporäre Haarentfernung

Temporary hair removal

The most common method of hair removal is depilation, which removes the hair above the surface of the skin. The hair root in the skin remains untouched and thus the hair grows back again and again. This leads to the well-known and annoying stubble.

Depilation often involves the use of a razor. Whether disposable or gel razor, it is common for cuts to occur. These are not only painful, but often lead to inflammation. These cuts usually occur in places that are difficult to reach. Nevertheless, many people take this upon themselves every day, although the result lasts only for a very short time.

Another means of depilation is the depilatory cream. In this case, the hair is removed on a chemical basis. Although the result of 14 days lasts much longer than that of shaving, the hair does not remain completely removed.

Epilation, on the other hand, is a type of hair removal in which the hair root is also removed. Here, the hair with its root is torn from the skin and a longer lasting result can be achieved of  up to 5 weeks. Popular are epilation by epilator, waxing or sugaring. However, with all these methods not inconsiderable pain occurs.

Permanent hair removal* with light

XENOgel® Technology

Here, the targeted heating of the protein in the hair root leads to denaturation. Consequently, the hair can no longer regenerate and the desired effect, permanent hair removal*, occurs. The XENOgel® Technology is characterized by the advanced SHR system as well as an optimized crystal gel. This method involves slow and continuous heating. At most, temperatures of 45° Celsius are generated. The crystal gel used increases the light optimization and thus the effectiveness. In addition, the crystal gel has a cooling effect during treatment and reduces the risk of skin irritation.

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The IPL method works with short sequential light pulses of 2-300 milliseconds. The energy released is between 12 and 120 joules per cm². The hair pigment melanin transmits this energy to the hair root. There, temperatures of 65°-72° Celsius are generated. Since surrounding cells also contain melanin, these high energy peaks are absorbed by them as well. Consequently, swelling may occur in the treated area. In our institutes we perform this procedure, but we recommend the XENOgel® Technology.

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The SHR technology, unlike the IPL method, uses only 50% of the melanin as transport. In addition, it also acts directly on the stem cells of the hair, which are responsible for the reproduction of the hair. Since not only the melanin is affected, it is possible to work with significantly lower energy. Therefore, this technique is particularly skin-friendly and has a very low risk of burning. Another great advantage of using lower energy is that it makes the procedure completely painless.

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