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The methods for hair removal with light are very different from each other. We have every technology available on the market for permanent hair removal in Frankfurt.

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Permanent* hair removal with every light technology

Are you wondering how to epilate properly? State-of-the-art light and laser technology is the answer. Because the technologies are specialized for different skin and hair types, we simply offer you all technologies available on the market in order to be able to offer you the best possible service. Find out here how the different technologies work and what the special features are.

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the innovative XENOgel® Tech­nology

Do you have areas on your body where hair growth is disturbing and daily shaving is bothering you? Permanent hair removal* is the remedy for this situation.

Permanent* hair removal with the innovative XENOgel® Technology

Our revolutionary XENOgel® Technology is specifically tailored to your skin needs and is therefore ideally suited for permanent hair removal. Here, a combination of the most modern photoepilation technology with a skin-friendly crystal gel is created.

The basis for transmitting light to the hair root is melanin, a pigment found in hair. Here the light impulse is converted into heat. This results in the denaturation of the stem cells and an interruption in the supply of nutrients to the hair. Thus, new hair can no longer grow and the effect of permanent* hair removal is achieved. The effect is intensified by the crystal gel, which simultaneously cools down the skin and therefore makes the treatment especially pleasant.

The benefits of XENOgel® Technology

Get rid of unwanted body hair easily with the XENOgel® Technology. The advantages of the XENOgel® Technology are a painless treatment and the possibility to use it on any part of the body. Even the intimate area or other sensitive regions can be treated without problems.

Hair removal with XENOgel® Technology & special features

Many techniques have problems with light or red hair when removing hair with the help of light. However, this is not the case with the XENOgel® Technology. This effective method also treats red and light hair until the desired result is achieved.


The areas to be treated should be shaved dry or wet before treatment. However, avoid epilation, sugaring or waxing, because here the hair is completely pulled out of the skin. In this case, there would be no effect, because the light does not reach the root through the hair.

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A well-known method IPL hair removal

One of the most popular techniques is the IPL method which we also offer.

With IPL to permanent* hair removal

A hair-free body with pure light? This dream comes true with the help of IPL. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Therefore, it is not a classic laser.

Benefits of the IPL technique

The IPL method uses different light spectra and can treat larger areas compared to other methods. Thus, you can save money and time. The device can be adjusted to your specific needs due to the customization options of the light spectra. This way, ideal results are achieved.

Special features of IPL depilation

However, it becomes problematic with light and gray hair. The melanin that guides the light to the hair root is not present here. Therefore, the optimal results can be achieved with dark hair and light skin.


The tips of the XENOgel® Technology are also used with IPL. The desired area should be shaved dry or wet the day before. Before the treatment, epilation, waxing or sugaring should be avoided for about four weeks. Otherwise, there is no connection from hair to root and the light cannot be transmitted. In addition, you should avoid intense sunlight on the corresponding areas.

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the proven SHR Technology

Daily shaving in places where you don’t want hair growth anyway is a thing of the past with permanent* hair removal.

Permanent* hair removal SHR

A new type of permanent* hair removal using light is the SHR method, which means “Super Hair Removal”. Unlike the alexandrite or diode laser, which remove hair with focused light, SHR uses unfocused light. The applicator is equipped with an anti-reflective sapphire glass. Infrared waves can thus be filtered through pure water.

Benefits of hair removal with SHR

Compared to SHR, other technologies require more energy for permanent* hair removal. Only 50% of the light is transmitted through the pigment melanin. The remaining 50% affects the stem cells of the hair, eliminating nutrient delivery. Thus, the protein in the hair root is denatured.

Special features of depilation with SHR

Tattooed areas cannot be treated. Due to the heat effect of the SHR procedure, there is a risk that the colors of the tattoo will change. Since this has to be avoided, we cover the tattoos during the treatment.


In the 4 weeks before the treatment we do not recommend epilation. By pulling out the root, the light can no longer pass through the hair to the stem cells.

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Focused light as the basis of DIODE LASER

Permanent hair removal* by bundled light is also a procedure that we offer. In this case the diode laser is used.

Permanent* hair removal with the diode laser

The 808 diode laser is one of many procedures for permanent* hair removal that we offer at Haarfreiheit Frankfurt. This procedure belongs to the classic laser epilation. As the name suggests, the diode laser works with wavelengths of 808nm.

Benefits of the diode laser

The diode laser can specifically treat individual hairs. Thereby the laser generates a temperature of 65° – 72° in the hair follicle.

Special features

Due to the wavelength of 808nm, the energy is conducted directly to the hair follicle where it can unfold. Thus, other areas of the skin are not affected.


The areas to be treated should be shaved before the treatment. This allows the skin to calm down beforehand and makes the treatment more tolerable.

Alexandrite laser illustration

bundled light gives the ALEXANDRITE LASER its effectiveness

In our institutes we also work with bundled light, which includes the alexandrite laser.

Permanent* hair removal with the help of the alexandrite laser

Due to the wavelength of 755 nm, the alexandrite laser offers punctual treatment of each individual hair.

Benefits of laser hair removal

The alexandrite laser can be used in many ways. For this reason, in addition to the field of permanent hair removal*, this technique is also known for the removal of tattoos. Likewise, another field of application of the laser technology is the treatment of pigment disorders.

Special features of the alexandrite laser

The treatment duration of each session varies greatly depending on the particular body region. The alexandrite laser has a great advantage over other techniques, because here the treatment of lighter or reddish hair is quite possible.


Before starting a treatment with the alexandrite laser, you should not have performed any epilation at least 4 weeks before, which removes the hair along with the root, such as with waxing. Shaving, on the other hand, is recommended the day before the treatment.

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illustration ND:YAG-Laser

the ND:YAG-LASER is also based on the principle of bundled light

Bundled light is also the basis of the ND:YAG laser technology

Permanent* hair removal ND:YAG laser

Removal with the ND:YAG laser involves the use of focused light for permanent* hair removal, as with the alexandrite laser. The abbreviation ND:YAG laser refers to neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser. This laser works with a specific wavelength of 1064 nm. This means that it has a particularly good effect on the hair pigment melanin.

Special information about the ND:YAG laser

The ND:YAG laser is Q-switched and thus treats particularly carefully. Thanks to the specific wavelength, the ND:YAG laser can also be used on darker skin types.


Shaving the area to be treated is recommended before treatment. This reduces the risk of skin irritation caused by the treatment.

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the NEEDLE PILATION works with electrical impulses

This technique gets its name with the help of a fine needle and the electricity connected to it.

Permanent* hair removal with the help of the needle epilation

Unlike our other technologies, needle epilation does not work with light. Rather it is a fine thin needle and electricity that is used with this method. Therefore, this technique is also called electroepilation. The fine needle is inserted into each individual hair canal and then an electric shock is delivered to the root.

The benefits of the needle epilation

Needle epilation does not depend on a specific wavelength of light. That’s why all hair colors can be treated in the same way using needle epilation. This also applies to red, gray and white hair.


In contrast to light techniques, every hair must be visible with needle epilation. Because the hair canals have to be found during the treatment, which of course is only possible if the hair is visible. The recommended length is 2-3 mm.

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