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Permanent* hair removal with SHR technology

Illustration SHR super hair removal laser

Term and tech­nique for SHR hair removal

The term SHR

The term “SHR” is not a brand or a specific product; “Super Hair Removal” represents an innovative technology for permanent hair removal *. Sometimes you might hear about SHR for home use, but these devices differ significantly from those used at Haarfreiheit. The energy output is a crucial factor that positively influences the effectiveness of the treatment at Haarfreiheit.

What kind of light is used?

The SHR-technology is based on non-focused light, allowing for the treatment of a relatively large body area with each pulse. The devices we use operate at a wavelength of 690 nm. This type of permanent* hair removal is particularly gentle on the skin due to the applicator equipped with anti-reflective sapphire glass and an integrated water filter. Since all high infrared ranges are filtered out, the risk of burns is extremely low. Therefore, this technology is also very suitable for facial hair removal in women.

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The method SHR hair removal

How exactly does the SHR treatment work?

During the treatment the body part is repeatedly touched with the applicator. This results in continuous heating of the skin so that the temperature reaches a maximum of 45 degrees Celsius. This results in a very low risk of burns and thus a reduced risk of skin irritation. Due to the low heat energy, this type of treatment is perceived as painless. Nevertheless, it is very effective due to the permanent* destruction of the protein.

What are the advantages of SHR?

With this technique, only 50 percent of the light passes over the melanin. The remaining part of the light energy affects the stem cells, which leads to a permanent* damage of the hair root. Since the stem cell is responsible for nutrient supply, hair growth is interrupted. Ultimately, the hair root can no longer regenerate thus leading to the desired effect.

The effect on the hair root can only take place with hair that is in the anagen hair growth phase. Only in this way can the light be guided to the hair root and the stem cell.

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To be con­sidered with SHR hair removal

Notes for SHR hair removal

It is important for the treatment that the hair is not plucked or epilated before and during the treatment. This is because the hair is removed along with the hair root. This means that the light impulses can no longer reach the stem cell of the hair and the proteins remain intact. If a hair, including the root, has been removed, it can be treated after 4 weeks at the earliest, because only after this time it reaches the anagen phase.

However, shaving before the treatment is not a bad idea, as the important connection to the stem cell remains intact. We recommend shaving the area the day before the treatment so that the skin can recover and further skin irritation can be avoided.

Exceptions for the treatment

It is not possible to treat a tattooed part of the body, because the light impulses can react to the color of the tattoo. This represents a health risk and therefore tattoos are generally bypassed during treatments.

Likewise it takes place with punctual skin pigments, like moles. These have a high concentration of melanin, which would react to the light pulses of the treatment. Thus, the skin would be damaged and for this reason they are always covered.

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Permanently* hair-free with Haarfreiheit Frankfurt

Make use of the numerous advantages of SHR in Frankfurt. Are you dreaming of permanent* hairlessness and finally want to leave behind the bothersome epilation and shaving? Book an appointment today for your personal and free consultation with the hair removal experts at Haarfreiheit. We are here to assist you with expertise and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the utmost professionalism. Treat yourself to the freedom from constant hair removal and experience the difference with us in Frankfurt.

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