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How much does permanent hair removal* cost at Haarfreiheit Frankfurt?


different technologies – uniform prices

XENOgel, IPL, SHR, diode laser, alexandrite laser as well as ND:YAG laser | We will find the right technology for your skin and hair condition. The prices differ only in regard to the chosen body region, but not in regard to the particular technology.

However, the cost of treatment using needle epilation differs from light technologies. Since each hair must be treated individually, an estimate of the probable cost of treatment can only be made during the consultation. The consultation is of course free of charge and without obligation.


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Intimate Zone




Intimate zone


Estimated run-time: 0 Months

Please choose your treatment zone

Preis per session: 0€

Zone discount: 0%

* Price estimated, on average around 10 sessions are required

Note on usage: You determine the amount you are willing to pay monthly. Depending on your choice of body region, the term will change accordingly.

For Women


TREATMENTTREATMENT 1.-5. treatment **as of the 6. treatment**
Armpits49,00 €44,00 €arrange an appointment
Armpits / bikini zone99,00 €89,00 €arrange an appointment
Eyebrow contour/ forehead49,00 €44,00 €arrange an appointment
Abdomen (complete)99,00 €89,00 €arrange an appointment
Bikini zone59,00 €53,00 €arrange an appointment
Nipples39,00 €35,00 €arrange an appointment
Buttocks (complete)119,00 €107,00 €arrange an appointment
Face / neck99,00 €89,00 €arrange an appointment
Neck49,00 €44,00 €arrange an appointment
Hands49,00 €44,00 €arrange an appointment
Intimate and bikini zone109,00 €98,00 €arrange an appointment
Chin39,00 €35,00 €arrange an appointment
Median line49,00 €44,00 €arrange an appointment
Upper arms99,00 €89,00 €arrange an appointment
Upper lip39,00 €35,00 €arrange an appointment
Upper lip/ chin59,00 €53,00 €arrange an appointment
Thighs149,00 €134,00 €arrange an appointment
Intergluteal fold69,00 €62,00 €arrange an appointment
Back (coccyx)99,00 €89,00 €arrange an appointment
Forearms99,00 €89,00 €arrange an appointment
Lower legs139,00 €125,00 €arrange an appointment
For Women


TREATMENT PACKAGES1.-5. treatment**as of the 6. treatment **
Women-package 1 (thighs / bikini zone)179,00 €161,00 €arrange an appointment
Women-package 2 (legs complete)219,00 €197,00 €arrange an appointment
Women-package 3 (lower legs / armpits OR bikini zone)159,00 €143,00 €arrange an appointment
Women-package 4 (lower legs / armpits / bikini zone)179,00 €161,00 €arrange an appointment
Women-package 5 (upper- / lower legs / armpits / bikini zone) intimate zone plus 39 €279,00 €251,00 €arrange an appointment
Women-package 6 (fully-body treatment)599,00 €539,00 €arrange an appointment
Women-package 7 (arms complete / hands)139,00 €125,00 €arrange an appointment
Women-package 8 (thighs / lower legs and bikini zone)249,00 €224,00 €arrange an appointment

Trennungsbild Behandlung für Sie und Ihn

For Men


TREATMENT1.-5. treatment**as of the 6. treatment**
Armpits69,00 €62,00 €arrange an appointment
Eyebrow contour/ forehead49,00 €44,00 €arrange an appointment
Beard and neck119,00 €107,00 €arrange an appointment
Abdomen99,00 €89,00 €arrange an appointment
Legs complete / feet239,00 €215,00 €arrange an appointment
Chest119,00 €107,00 €arrange an appointment
Buttocks139,00 €125,00 €arrange an appointment
Neck59,00 €53,00 €arrange an appointment
Intimate area129,00 €116,00 €arrange an appointment
Neck (nape)59,00 €53,00 €arrange an appointment
Upper arms109,00 €89,00 €arrange an appointment
Intergluteal fold89,00 €80,00 €arrange an appointment
Back complete179,00 €161,00 €arrange an appointment
Back partially (upper part)149,00 €134,00 €arrange an appointment
Shoulders119,00 €107,00 €arrange an appointment
Forearms109,00 €98,00 €arrange an appointment
For Men


TREATMENT PACKAGES1.-5. treatment**as of the 6. treatment**
Men-package 1 (chest and abdomen)159,00 €143,00 €arrange an appointment
Men-package 2 (back/ shoulders /neck)189,00 €170,00 €arrange an appointment
Men-package 3 (back / shoulders / neck / chest / abdomen / upper arms)329,00 €296,00 €arrange an appointment
Men-package 4 (back / shoulders /chest / neck)259,00 €233,00 €arrange an appointment
Men-package 5 (back / shoulders / upper arms / neck)249,00 €224,00 €arrange an appointment
Men-package 6 (back / shoulders / chest / abdomen / neck)279,00 €251,00 €arrange an appointment
Men-package 7 (full-body treatment)599,00 €539,00 €arrange an appointment
Men-package 8 (arms complete / hands)139,00 €125,00 €arrange an appointment

**Preise je Behandlung, Azubis und Studenten erhalten weitere 5 % Nachlass bei Vorlage eines Studenten- oder Ausbildungsnachweises.

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