IPL Handstück Laser Illustration

IPL hair removal

intense pulsed light

IPL Handstück Laser Illustration

Hair removal with IPL in Frankfurt

What does the abbreviation mean

The popular IPL method effectively and gently removes hair from any part of the body using light. The abbreviation IPL describes Intense Pulsed Light. Since the light pulses, in this method, are not bundled, it does not belong to a conventional laser. Due to the unbundled light pulses, several hair roots can be treated at the same time. Thus, a specific adjustment of the wavelength can be made according to individual needs.

During a treatment, flash lamp devices emit short light pulses, from 2 to 300 milliseconds in length. The energy emitted ranges from 12 to 120 joules per square meter.

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The latest technology
the IPL hair removal with light at the expert in Frankfurt

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The technology

Mode of action
of the IPL hair removal

The pigment melanin, which is contained in the hair, responds very well to light particles, also called photons. Thus, the light of the pulse is absorbed and directed to the hair follicle. There the bundled energy is converted into heat. This produces temperatures of 65° to 72° Celsius, which ensures that the hair root is obliterated. Thus, the nutrient supply of the hair root stops and no further hair can be formed.

Since there are different skin and hair types different filters are used in the IPL technique depending on the skin and hair type. In this way, all inappropriate wavelengths are filtered out and a successful treatment can take place.

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Efficient technology

Unfocused light makes it possible to treat a large area. This saves time and money. Treatment of several parts of the body is possible thanks to the effectiveness and low-pain technology. Since the individual treatments require little time, a treatment can be optimally integrated into everyday life.

The hair growth cycle

In order for the hair root to be desolated the hair must be in a certain growth phase, namely in the growth phase (anagen phase). However, not all hairs are always in this phase. It is only about 10 percent of the hairs within a cycle that are in the active phase. The remaining 90 percent of hairs are in the resting phase and have no connection to the hair root, so light cannot reach the root. Therefore, several treatments are needed to permanently remove every hair. Repeating the treatment every 4 weeks is therefore important.

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Treatment procedure

How does the treatment proceed?

A special gel is applied to the skin to optimize the light. Then the skin area is scanned with the applicator, whereby the light pulses emitted are absorbed by the melanin in the skin and travel to the hair root. In this process, the protein in the hair root is denatured and the hair falls out after a few days.

Application area

IPL technology can be used to treat almost any part of the body. The areas of the legs and armpits are popular. However, other body regions can also be freed from unwanted hair. Several body regions can also be treated per treatment appointment.

In order to exclude any damage to the skin, all our IPL devices are regularly checked for proper functioning. In order to provide you with the highest level of professionalism, treatments are performed only by our experts.

Field of application

Skin and hair types

In principle, treatment with the IPL method is possible for almost all people. However, the technique reaches its limits with very light hair. This is due to the lack of melanin in light hair, which is responsible for transporting the light pulse to the hair root. However, we offer other technologies, which are optimal for the treatment of light hair.

Treatment of reddish hair is also problematic. Red hair contains the pigment phaemelanin, which does not absorb light very well.

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To consider with the IPL hair removal

You should avoid intensive sunbathing before and after the treatment. Visits to the solarium should be urgently avoided. Too much radiation in a short time can lead to different pigmentation, also called hypopigmentation.

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Safety is our top priority

Safety is an important aspect of lighting technology. All our IPL devices are regularly checked, serviced and tested. Our employees are also trained in the use of the equipment and receive regular further training in in-house seminars. You can feel safe with us.

How much does an IPL treatment cost?

For you, of course, the price plays a role. The cost of your treatment is primarily related to the size of the area to be treated – but the area of the body also plays a role. In our free and non-binding consultation we give you information about prices and possible packages. We look forward to welcoming you soon at Haarfreiheit Frankfurt.


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