Illustration needle eplilation devicce

Needle epilation

Electro epilation: with the help of electricity to a permanent* hair removal.

Illustration needle eplilation devicce

The principle of treatment

What is needle epilation?

As the term suggests, the essential part of this technology is a needle. Electricity can be passed through this needle. For this reason, the procedure is also called electroepilation or electrolysis.

In contrast to photoepilation technologies, needle epilation works with electricity instead of light. The result is permanent hair removal. But how does this technique work? As the name suggests, a needle is the starting point. This fine needle is inserted into each individual hair canal and the hair roots are disabled with the help of an electrical pulse. This makes this procedure very time consuming.

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Fields of application

The question of hair colour

Many wonder if their hair colour can be treated with electroepilation or if it is only possible for a certain hair colour. Due to the fact that the technique works with electricity and not with a certain wavelength of light, all hair colours can be treated. This also applies to white, grey or red hair.

Thus, regardless of your hair colour, you can opt for a treatment with needle epilation and experience consistent effectiveness with this technique. Needle epilation as a method of permanent hair removal can be used on any type of hair.

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Which parts of the body are suitable?

Permanent hair removal with needle epilation is possible on the face, as well as on the whole body for every hair and skin type. Needle epilation is often used for the feared and unpopular lady’s beard.

Unlike photoepilation, this method can also be used on tattooed areas. As the needle is inserted into the hair shaft, it does not interfere with the tattoo.

What should be paid attention to?

Before the treatment begins

Treatment with needle epilation, unlike photoepilation, requires a minimum length of hair. This is about 2-3 mm. Only if the hair is at least 2-3 mm long, it is possible to find the hair channel in question. For this reason, do not epilate or wax. Even though stubble on the body may be a rather unfamiliar sight, always remember that these troublesome hairs will not return after your treatment.

The treatment itself is very time-consuming, as every single hair must be treated. Consequently, you should schedule enough time. The actual duration varies depending on the particular area of the body that is to be treated.

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After the respective treatment

Due to the irritation of the skin after the treatment, further irritation of the skin should be avoided for about 72 hours. This applies especially to sunbathing, sauna and swimming pool visits. During this time, the skin has enough time to regenerate. You should also refrain from using creams and other cosmetic products during this time.

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How much does electroepilation cost?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in a blanket way. There are many different factors that influence the actual treatment. Since every single hair must be treated, it naturally depends on how many hairs are in the body area in question. The size of the selected body region therefore also plays a significant role. The actual cost of the treatment therefore becomes apparent when the treatment is carried out.

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