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Coccyx fistula can be a problem for many men and involves a long healing process. Permanent hair removal* can prevent this condition.

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Causes of coccyx fistula

What happens in the body?

Men in particular are affected by a coccyx fistula (sinus pilonidalis), which is an inflammatory disease of the fold of the buttocks. Ingrown, inflamed hairs are the most common cause here and usually have to be removed by surgery (source: Wikipedia). This results in severe pain that negatively affects daily life. The healing process of this condition can take a very long time.

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The hair is responsible

In the buttock region, hygienic aspects are especially important. However, this alone is not enough to prevent diseases. Especially ingrown hair become a problem. Therefore, it makes sense to eliminate the problem in the form of hair. However, conventional methods do not provide a long-term solution. Hair grows back quickly after shaving, so ingrown hairs pose a risk especially during regrowth. Waxing or epilation also causes the hair to grow back, the only difference being that it takes longer.

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Enjoy Freedom

Worries about a coconut fistula are a thing of the past.

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Freeing the mind from a possible coccyx fistula

What is possible to avoid a coccyx fistula? The usual hair removal procedures do not offer a solution for this. Therefore, it makes sense to think about permanent hair removal*. We have all the permanent hair removal techniques currently available on the market for you, so we can find the method that suits you best. Our revolutionary XENOgel® procedure is particularly popular with our patients as it is completely painless yet effective, protecting the skin in sensitive areas.

Getting rid of worries

Enjoy the best service

In order to offer you the best service of permanent hair removal* by light, all treatments are supervised and performed by our trained professional staff. Furthermore, from the medical side, our cooperation partner Nadine Talas will assist you and help you with a medical assessment.

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Live freely

With permanent hair removal*, you won’t care if a hair gets infected in the future. The painless method uses light to permanently remove all unwanted hair. In an initial free consultation, we will be happy to explain more about the permanent hair removal* of Haarfreiheit Frankfurt and the new freedom it gives you. Please feel free to call us!


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