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smooth male NECK with permanent hair removal

Say goodbye to annoying hair on your neck, which is difficult to reach. Haarfreiheit Frankfurt offers you all methods of permanent hair removal* by photoepilation.

Neck hair in men

Does your neck hair still stand up?

A well-groomed beard is part of a modern lifestyle. However, when individual hairs appear on the neck and throat, it doesn’t look very polished. Achieving an ideal result, especially in this area, is difficult and not permanent. The overall appearance is soon negatively affected by bothersome stubble. Additionally, regrowing hair on the neck can be irritating when wearing shirts or T-shirts, as the stubble rubs against the clothing. This is uncomfortable and serves as a constant reminder that the neck will need to be shaved again soon.

We offer you an effective and gentle method to liberate yourself from annoying hair. A permanent hair removal* using the latest and most advanced technology.

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Just get rid of neck hair

Don’t worry about neck hair anymore

Never look for forgotten hair again and devote yourself to nicer things in life – while still looking well-groomed. With the most modern technology, you can forget painful cuts and skin irritation that daily shaving entails. Our technology is completely painless and gives you a confident appearance.

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Start your day with well-groomed skin on the neck

The perfect style only after a visit to the hairdresser? We offer you a styled and groomed appearance every day, thanks to XENOgel® Technology. Achieve an ideal result with minimal effort. The times of worrying about bothersome hairs are over; our photoepilation effectively and permanently* removes them.

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Our pro­fessional staff for your best result

Careful selection and regular training

We carefully select our staff and have the highest standards. Therefore, a medical education is necessary, followed by a specialized training. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and relaxed with us.

Relax from everyday life and get rid of hair

You can relax in a pleasant atmosphere at the Frankfurt Institute while our competent team provides comprehensive advice and treatment. We fulfill your desires for permanent* hair removal. Sit back and let us find the best solutions for your needs together. Our expertise not only ensures a professional result but also a pleasant experience. Look forward to a new sense of body and increased confidence thanks to our innovative technologies.

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State-of-the-art technology for smooth skin on the neck

Our specialized services for men cover body areas that are crucial for a groomed appearance. The combination of human expertise and cutting-edge technology allows for the most effective method of permanent hair removal*. We rely on the gentle XENOgel® Technology, which combines advanced photoepilation with a soothing crystal gel treatment. No more itching and bothersome stubble on the neck and throat. Enjoy the freedom from unwanted hair and a confident appearance – our specialized staff in Frankfurt ensures optimal results and utmost comfort.


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