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Permanent hair removal for men ARMS & HANDS

Annoying shaving can be eliminated by a permanent hair removal* and at the same time the skin can be improved, because no more hairs grow in or inflame capsules.

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Communication without words with well groomed arms and hands

In daily life, not only spoken words but also body language plays a significant role in communication. This includes gestures meant to convey certain emotions or ideas, utilizing both hands and arms. As a result, taking care of this area of the body holds a particular importance.

Shaving arms repeatedly?

Constant shaving is indispensable if you want well-groomed and smooth arms. Disadvantages of this procedure are a high expenditure of time, as well as the constant repetition. In the long run, this can be very nerve-racking. Waxing is also an option. The advantage is that the hair grows back more slowly than with shaving. Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages, such as a painful procedure and also the regrowth of hair.

Save time with the permanent* hair removal on arms and hands

If you’re one of the men who prefer to save time and effort on shaving or waxing, then permanent hair removal on the arms and hands in Frankfurt is the right choice. Hair removal using light technology saves you a lot of time, effort, and even prevents ingrown hairs. We customize the treatment to suit your individual needs.

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Get hair removed from your fingers as well

Laser hair removal in Frankfurt provides you with the opportunity to permanently* get rid of unwanted hair, even on your fingers. Whether it’s about aesthetics or personal well-being, our professional technologies enable effective and painless hair removal on various body parts, including the fingers. Enjoy smooth and flawless skin without the need for regular shaving or waxing.

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Best hygiene for arms and hands

Maintaining hygiene on the arms and hands consistently is not an easy task, especially in the summer. When dirt particles and sweat get trapped in the hair, it becomes even more challenging to maintain a clean skin appearance. Simply and permanently* remove the hair that tends to trap sweat, making personal care easier.

With us in Frankfurt you are in the best hands

We offer you all the available technologies on the market for permanent hair removal * on the arms and hands. This includes utilizing innovative XENOgel Technology, IPL, SHR, or laser hair removal. All treatments are performed by our trained professionals. You can always feel reassured and safe. The Haarfreiheit Frankfurt team is looking forward to your visit.

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