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Remove hair ef­fectively from BUTT­OCKS and INTER­GLUTEAL FOLD

Hygiene is particularly important in sensitive areas. Here a permanent* depilation in Frankfurt offers the advantage of preventing bacteria from adhering to the hairs.

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A well-groomed ap­pearance on the butt­ocks

Your aesth­etics are put in the lime­light

Women often notice a man’s buttocks first, which is why special attention should be paid to the aesthetics of this part of the body. However, it becomes difficult if you want to remove the hair yourself, because the area is difficult to reach and also pain-sensitive, so shaving and waxing are out.

Perfect for every day

The days of pain from waxing are over, as are skin irritations and cuts. With our various photoepilation techniques, we provide you with a painless and gentle method of permanent* hair removal. Whether IPL, SHR or diode laser, we remove all annoying hair on the buttocks. In just a few sessions you will already achieve your desired result, so you can feel perfect every day.

Better methods to remove men’s butt hair

Is there an alternative to shaving?

It would be extremely beneficial if there were an effective alternative to time-consuming shaving. Shaving not only presents the challenge of laboriously removing stubble, but also carries the risk of ingrown hair, itching and inflammation. A promising option that eliminates all these inconveniences is the permanent hair removal at the experts of Haarfreiheit Frankfurt. This method promises not only long-lasting results, but also the disappearance of the typical side effects of shaving. So you could imagine a permanently smooth and well-groomed skin without the annoying side effects.

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There are many alternatives in Frankfurt to remove hair on the buttocks

Regardless of whether you opt for IPL, SHR or the diode laser, our institute in Frankfurt offers you the ideal solution for permanent removal of unwanted hair in the area of the pos and the post folds. After just a few treatments you will achieve the desired result, so that you can feel comfortable and perfectly cared for every day. Our modern technologies allow an efficient and painless method to permanently get rid of annoying hair. Let our professional team in Frankfurt advise you and look forward to a long-lasting result without the hassle of conventional methods.

Man showering keeping his hygine

Hygiene thanks to hair-free buttocks & hair-free butt crease

Feel fresh all the time

Hair in the area of the buttocks, especially in the buttock crease, can be problematic from a hygiene perspective. The risk of unwanted odors and bacterial growth can increase due to feces or moisture getting caught in the hair. This can lead to discomfort and infection risks. To avoid such problems, thorough and regular cleaning is necessary.

Permanent hair removal in this area can help minimize these potential hygiene issues and ensure a clean and fresh feeling. Our experts at Haarfreiheit in Frankfurt are happy to advise you on the best methods of hair removal and the associated benefits.

Gently and skin-friendly removal of hair on the buttocks for more freedom

For men, the gentle hair removal on the buttocks and in buttock crease using XENOgel® Technology is an innovative solution. This method not only allows the removal of unwanted hair but also contributes to improved hygiene and freshness. By applying the crystal gel directly, the skin is cooled and simultaneously protected from irritations. The treatment not only removes hair but also reduces the risk of bacterial growth and unpleasant odors. This way, men can benefit not only from a smooth and groomed appearance but also from increased comfort and well-being in everyday life.

Don’t be afraid of hair removal on buttocks & butt crease

Your old fears are a thing of the past

Having excessive hair makes many feel unaesthetic and insecure. Feel confident again and enjoy close contact with your partner. We provide you with permanently smooth skin in both the buttock crease and above the buttocks. With our painless and permanent hair removal* methods you will feel free while enjoying a better quality of life.

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Absolute discretion

It is not always easy to reveal your most intimate area. This is of course unavoidable with hair removal using a light technique. However, you do not need to worry about this, because discretion is a very important issue for us. Our staff works particularly discreet so that you can feel completely comfortable.


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