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Get rid of hair on the female buttocks

Limitless freedom

The appearance of smooth, soft skin can be affected by bothersome hair on the buttocks. Perhaps you also know of a spot on your body that you feel is always bothering you. We can give you back your self-love in our modern institute in Frankfurt.

Women who struggle with hair on their buttocks often shave it off. However, this sounds easier than it is. Because finding all the hair on the buttocks is difficult due to the location of this part of the body.

The butt crease is one of the difficult areas on the body to remove hair even with a razor. Waxing is also not an alternative in this area as it is almost unbearable there.

Both methods can cause small injuries to the skin or itching. Other methods are also not an alternative, as they are usually accompanied by great pain.  With photoepilation we can help you without pain or other side effects, such as skin irritation or itching.

Reach your goal with modern tech­nology

Modern technologies, such as the XENOgel® technology or the diode laser enable us to remove annoying hair without pain. Only a few sessions are necessary to remove hairs from sensitive areas such as the buttocks or the butt crease.

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A well groomed behind in any situation

Perfect comfort

When shaving it is not uncommon to forget a few hairs or to worry about them all the time. We would like to free you from these worries. Feel aesthetic and free, every day, thanks to our photoepilation. You will see that this small amount of attention will give you complete freedom.

Feel good in all situations

Even regions that are not meant for the public should be cared for. Feel desirable and confident in all situations with the help of permanent hair removal*. Allow yourself this luxury.

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Hygiene plus on buttocks and butt crease

No more itching

Private areas in particular require a certain amount of care. Especially the buttocks and the butt crease itself requires special attention. However, shaving can cause skin irritation and thus itching and pimples, which becomes particularly unpleasant in a sensitive area.

Take your hygiene to the next level with one of the photoepilation methods we offer. Find out more about permanent hair removal and say goodbye to messy hairs.

A safe feeling

Of course, we maintain the necessary discretion in these private regions. Our medical professionals also pay attention to this during the consultation and treatment. We understand all your problems and concerns and together we will find a suitable solution. In doing so, our goal is to get you to the optimal result in a relaxed and safe manner.


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