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per­manent hair removal for women ARMS & HANDS

With the help of permanent hair removal* to flawless hands and arms – we offer you the most suitable technology for you.

Hair on arms and hands

Smooth and well-groomed hands are an essential part of an attractive appearance, especially for women. However, hair on the arms and hands can be a source of dissatisfaction and affect self-confidence. Hairfreiheit Frankfurt offers you the solution to permanently eliminate this problem. Our effective hair removal technology allows you to bid farewell to annoying hair in these areas and regain your self-confidence. Enjoy smooth, hair-free hands and arms without having to worry about unwanted hair.

Beautiful hands, regardless of the hair type

Hair on hands and arms is especially noticeable in dark hair types.  Women in particular feel uncomfortable with this and resort to conventional depilation methods to get rid of the hair. This often results in stubble and constant repetition of depilation. With our revolutionary permanent hair removal* technologies, we are happy to solve this problem for you.

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Freedom to choose clothing without worrying about hair on the arms or hands

Skip long-sleeved tops! With smooth and hair-free hands and arms, you can fully enjoy your confident appearance. No more worries about unwanted stubble or hair. Proudly show off your flawless skin. Our permanent hair removal technology at Haarfreiheit Frankfurt allows you to enhance your appearance and feel free from annoying hair. Look forward to the freedom to show your hands and arms without restrictions.

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Achieve the desired result in a relaxed way

Enjoy effective hair removal on your hands and arms in our institutes using advanced photoepilation technologies such as SHR, IPL, and XENOgel® Technology. Sit back, relax, and let us eliminate annoying hair for you while your skin shines anew. Welcome to a completely stress-free treatment at Haarfreiheit Frankfurt.

New possibilities with smooth arms and hands

A confident appearance, every day

Beyond question, arms and hands are also part of a well-groomed appearance. Hands are often the focus of attention every day and can limit the quality of life if you have to deal with troublesome hair in this area. We will be happy to advise during a free initial consultation and provide you with information on the various photoepilation technologies and ensure your quality of life.

Smooth hands for everyone

Arms and hands are often in the focus of everyday activities, therefore it is important to choose professionals for permanent hair removal*. If you have already used conventional methods to remove hair, then you know that this can lead to irritated and sensitive skin. In addition, these methods may not produce long-lasting results. Our light technologies for permanent hair removal* can fulfill your dream of soft skin, and permanently.

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